From Penk’s Pen

First things first: thank you! I’m really grateful to everyone who voted in the recent election, whichever candidate and party they chose to support. As the new local MP, I’ll work hard to assist every individual and group without regard to anyone’s political leanings.
On a similar note, I’m determined to ensure that I reach every single community. The large Helensville electorate is blessed with a diverse range of coastal, rural, suburban, harbour, island and bush land areas. Getting around to them all will be my first duty, albeit a pleasurable one!
I’ll be in touch more about opportunities to meet up shortly, as I’m really excited to get underway. Meeting in person will provide opportunities to help you resolve any problems you might have dealing with Government departments and provide advocacy on local issues. On that note, I’ll be setting up an office in the same location as John Key occupied until recently, at 365 Main Road, Huapai and getting a couple of excellent staff members onboard to help me serve the community. Watch this space!
I’m also really looking forward to hearing your views on various policy matters and just getting to know everyone more generally. Of course some of that happened on the campaign trail but I’m conscious I didn’t reach all 50,000 residents in that period of time leading up to the election, predictably enough.
My energy and focus will be 100% local, as I won’t have any higher level responsibilities (such as Prime Minister, just for example!) any time soon.
Finally, please do say hi when you see me out and about. And if you’d like to get in touch at any other time, please see my advertisement below and connect in the way that best suits you.
Cheers, Chris Penk (MP-elect, Helensville)

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