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Life never slows down in school! Kaipara College staff and students have returned after a two week break with renewed vigour, energy and focus. Term 3 is a term of focus on striving for excellence in our academic work, winter sports and a myriad of arts and cultural activities. This term has started in a very positive way with our well-attended Open Night in the first week back. It is very much a staff and student collaborative effort to ensure this is the outstanding event that it was. We had more than 100 students leading activities on the night showcasing the very best of Kaipara College. Other students acted as guides for groups of our visitors, answering the multitude of questions that came their way. Visitors were treated to a taste of the vibrant, lively and engaging school culture throughout the evening. Feedback indicated the evening was a great success.

One of the things I spoke to our prospective parents about was the importance of expectations. High expectations motivate our young people to reach their full potential and achieve higher levels of success academically, in sport and in life. When students believe their teachers and their whanau have high expectations of them they are more likely to put in more effort to meet these expectations, be more motivated and engaged, to challenge themselves, to go beyond their comfort zones and strive for excellence. At Kaipara College we have very high expectations of our students. We expect them to do their best and try their hardest, participate in and contribute to the school community, learn how to be part of a team and help others, show high standards of behaviour, show high standards of work, try new things and of course uphold our WAKA values (Whanaungatanga, Aroha, Kaitiakitanga, Angitutanga). Along with high expectations, it is also crucial to provide the support, guidance and resources required to help students meet them. Also the expectations we place on our young people need to be developmentally appropriate, realistic and individualised to each student’s abilities and needs.

At Kaipara College we work hard to get to know each of our students and their whanau and value them for who they are and what they bring. We are a community school responsive to the needs of our local students and community. Our role is to work with our students and their whanau to support them to be resilient in the face of challenges, discover who they are, cultivate the abilities needed for them to shape their own lives and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

Enrolments at Kaipara College for 2024 are now open. If you want to enrol your young person at Kaipara College for 2024, please visit the enrolment page on our website ( ) and fill out an online enrolment form. If you have questions about how to complete the enrolment, please contact the office on 09 420 8640 or email

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