From the pen and work desk of Jo Carson-Barr and Simon Barr

The Chill Out Chair book has arrived in Helensville Copy and Print. This is Jo and Simon’s second book in the Nicholas series. The illustrations are superb and reviews from around New Zealand are praising their latest book and it is quickly gaining popularity.
If you have a little one experiencing meltdowns this could be a fun book to read with them, they can hear and see how Nicholas coped and indeed overcame the meltdown and became the hero of the story. Watch out for baby penguin taking a selfie during the rescue!!
Helensville Copy and Print have Jo and Simon’s other two books available as well, The Good Bye Chair which has now sold over 4500 copies and Waata the Weta: Can He Find The Perfect Home? a really delightful book, the illustrations have a comic/animation Influence. This book is about a ginger headed weta who is ‘different from other weta.’ With Christmas looming one of their delightful books could be just the answer you are looking for. These books are selling at $15.00 each…so when you come in to get your printing needs met pick up a copy and have a browse through.

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