Gumboot Friday

Helensville showed very good support for Mike King’s Gumboot Friday on April 5, the purpose of which was to raise funds via gold coin donations for kiwi kids to get free mental health counselling and support when they urgently need it. The campaign has the support of many prominent New Zealanders, including Taika Waititi, Steve Hanson and Jacinda Ardern.
Mike King’s idea came from the thought that “Having depression is like walking through mud every day. On Gumboot Friday we put on our gumboots and walk through mud with people to show that we care and we’re out there listening. The key to the initiative is fun, because that’s what kids like more than anything else.”
Marie Adlam, who coordinates the Bridge to Hope suicide prevention awareness team of volunteers established in Helensville in 2015, supported the initiative by delivering flyers to schools, preschool centres and businesses in Helensville and Parakai with her three-year-old daughter, and by talking to people. “We did our best to get the message through,” she says. “We have one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world. Gumboot Friday statistics say in 2018 we lost 137 youth to suicide and 3500 attempted to take their own lives.” Marie thanks her daughter for keeping her company and everyone who responded so positively to Gumboot Friday. Overall the initiative raised over a million dollars.
Those feeling they need support can attend Bridge to Hope suicide prevention sessions 3pm to 5pm on Wednesdays at 118 Commercial Road, Helensville.

Room 21 Helensville Primary School

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