Gumboots campout in the playground

Kids love to camp but for some parents the thought of getting through that first experience can be a bit daunting.  Gumboots Early Learning Centre recently held their third annual “Campover” in the playground.    “We are so lucky to have such an extensive playground to camp in” says Centre Director Genelle Bailey.    The Campover was originally scheduled for the 18th of February but was postponed due to bad weather.   “It would have been a bit warmer overnight back then, but given the horrendous weather on the 11th and 12th of March we were delighted with the mild night that we had on the 18th” says Genelle.
The afternoon started at 3.00 pm and families arrived to pitch their tents.  It was a real buffet of tents, tiny ones, little ones, pop up ones, big ones and even a pop up on top of a 4WD.   Camping is not everyone’s thing so some families came along just for a BBQ dinner and disco and then went home to the comfort of their own beds.   For the more adventurous families the plan was to wear the children out with a disco and once they were all sleeping in their tents the parents had a great time sharing stories and getting to know each other.  There was the occasional cry in the night but when you are surrounded by a group of knowing and understanding neighbours it doesn’t matter at all.   Breakfast was a feast of bacon & eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, cereals and toast.   When asked, “what was your favourite part of the Campover?”    Indi said rather excitedly “the disco”, Zarya was adamant it was “playing with the torches in the dark” and Nienke’s proud response was “the really cute spider in the tent”.   There was something for everyone but for the parents having that opportunity for the children to sleep in a tent, in a secure environment for their first experience was a real winner.

Ollie & Sennen trucking around the tents.

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