Gumboots Early Learning Centre news

Gumboots March 16

In January the Gumboots Early Learning Centre celebrated its 10th birthday in true Gumboots style. The children were fascinated watching helium balloons being blown up and were entertained by them all day. As well as being a wonderful teacher Head of Room Helen Roy is a great cake decorator and she lovingly produced the special birthday cake. Everyone in the centre got together for morning tea and sang the Happy Birthday song.
Gumboots have had their second camp-out and Five-a-Day-Challenge, which was held in perfect weather. Families arrived from 3 pm and pitched their tents in the playground and other non-camping families joined in the campers foGumbootsr a dinner of healthy, homemade hamburgers. Everyone enjoyed a yummy Valentines’ Day breakfast of pancakes, cereal, scrambled eggs, bacon and fried potatoes. It was a fantastic experience for the children and a wonderful way for families new to Gumboots to get to know each other.

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