Harcourts on the move

Nicky Horsbrough, The Difference owner/manager

by Helen Martin
Helensvillians who’ve been here a while will remember the Harcourts building was over by the vet’s before it was shifted to make way for the new supermarket carpark. Now, we’re so used to seeing Harcourts tucked into the other side of the Countdown carpark it’ll take a while to get used to seeing it gone. But that’s how it’s going to be as, with the land and buildings housing Countdown up for sale, the Harcourts building will be moved again, off the site and onto a new life, wherever that may be.
Meanwhile, the real estate business, now under the sole ownership of former co-owner Nicky Horsbrough, has a new name, The Difference, and a new life on the other side of Commercial Road at number 92. Because the new premises, which currently house Mt Tabor Trust Helensville, are yet to be vacated and refurbished, The Difference will have a temporary home at 69D Mill Rd, next to Placemakers.
Nicky expects The Difference to have moved into the Commercial Rd site by June. She says that, while the news about the building’s removal was at first disappointing and concerning, she’s now excited about starting afresh in new premises with a new name and new sole ownership.

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