Healthy Choices – September 2015

A message from the dog
I’m not very observant, however when I am I make up big time because I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to telling one and all my observations (usually whether people want to hear them or not!) My observations of course aren’t always right (you can’t always believe what you think) but sometimes I just sit exasperated when I join some of the dots of misinformation we get fed every day to feather someone else’s cap.
It’s a healthy choice to question, which leads me to the question of the day – carrots? I’ve been told carrots are good for us but not good for dogs because they can’t digest them. I’ve also learnt that dogs can digest bones because their guts are higher in acid than ours, so how come they can’t digest carrots?
Some would argue that dogs should only be meat eaters and for the most part I agree, but when I see my dogs forage in the orchard for fruit and vegies, eggs and sheep droppings with apparently no ill effect, it makes me wonder.
My dogs are constantly messaging me by way of what comes out their other ends. Like a doggy text or Morse code they tell me what food agrees with them and what doesn’t. It may change for a little while if I change foods or varieties of food, however it is much more reliable than a lot of info put out by seeming do gooders trying to make a buck selling their own food.

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