Healthy Choices – To bite and chew is good for you

healthy choicesSo many people have jumped onto the smoothie wagon (me included), some are even having smoothies for most if not all of their meals.
Most of us are having them to feel better and it works. I’m now consuming much more of the good foods I should have been eating and I really put it down to laziness because it seems so much easier to just drink the stuff down! It’s crazy! It takes just as long to peel a kiwi fruit and pop it in a whiz bang whatcha me call it as to just cut the thing in half and spoon it into my mouth.
You would never tell by my house keeping but I’m a clean freak, I don’t like getting my hands and face dirty preparing food. Eating say, an orange cut in quarters, doesn’t suit me at all and I don’t like the bits between my teeth, so into the smoothie it all goes.
We sometimes drink smoothies to lose weight, however I’m not sure how successful that will be when I’ve read that your body can go into starvation mode when it thinks it’s not being fed. This could happen I guess when you’re not biting and chewing and mentally “eating”? Just a couple of thoughts to share with you!
I do wonder how much longer it will be before the human race does away with “eating” traditionally?! It would make our teeth a bit redundant wouldn’t it? (Chuckle – no more expensive dentist bills)
Larraine (Ruishton Cottage)

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