Healthy Choices – We’re under attack!

healthy choicesWhat do you wish for in life?
Most of us I think want Health, wealth and Happiness! I overheard a kids TV program mimicking an infomercial the other day “And there’s MORE! Order now and you can have a second one for the same price as the first!”
It may be just me but that hit a nerve. The times we live in would make a wise man weep! Everyday there is a new spin on how to keep the healthy that we need, costing us the wealth we desire which can if you can’t afford to buy into the game cost you your happiness, which in turn could cost you your health!
It’s a really merry go round!
Two questions I’ve been asked this week “what flea treatment we sell at the cottage?’ And “What can my Dad do for his aching arthritic ankles” I spouted off at least 4 natural remedies alone which have all at some time or another been plugged as THE BEST! And as far as I’m concerned ALL work.
Seems like every time I turn around someone is promoting something old with a new spin just to feather their own cap!
So Yes we’re under attack! It’s a mine field and not just for the young and viable.
My healthy choice for this week – sit on your hands people, if you find yourself on the merry go round there is only one way to get off –SWITCH OFF for a little while at least and give yourself a break!
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