Helensville Adult Literacy Programme is up and running

About three months ago we began looking for people to take advantage of a free programme to help adults in the Helensville and wider South Kaipara region who wanted assistance with reading, writing and speaking English. At the time we had about 6 volunteer tutors who had undertaken training and were ready to go.  We produced fliers and posters, which were spread around the local shops and businesses that resulted in several inquiries. In the first instance people typically contacted Frank Veacock of the Men’s Trust or the literacy supervisor Dr Tony Morrison who explained the service and introduced the client to a tutor.
When Alison MacKenzie house closed due to structural issues our ‘sponsor’, the South Kaipara Men’s Trust, moved to the community centre at Te Whare Oranga o Parakai.  This is very pleasant but rather difficult to get to without transport. Luckily we have found a very useful space adjoining the Art Gallery.  So, now we are settling into a working format.
Half a dozen people have inquired, either for themselves or for others, and we now have three clients in training with at least 3 others who were offered a place but have not yet accepted.
Each prospective learner is given an assessment to help us estimate where to start and allow the tutor to develop an individual programme.  The tutoring sessions are typically about 60 to 90 minutes weekly a week and each tutor is expected to report back each week to their fellow tutors and supervisor on progress, difficulties, ideas, and so on.  These weekly meetings of the tutors are very helpful and informative for all. The tutors are typically retired teachers or business people and are well qualified to help in this area. Needless to say, meetings are private with details of learners kept confidential.
We welcome enquiries from people who would like to improve their written and spoken English as well as numeracy.  If you know of someone who might benefit from such a programme, please let them know.
Contacts: Frank Veacock, South Kaipara Men’s Trust phone 0272288603 email info@skmt.org.nz or Dr Tony Morrison phone 094209971 mobile 0274486436 email kiwimorrison@gmail.com

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