Helensville A&P Show a big success

by Helen Martin

What a fantastic day! There was a huge turnout for the 114th Helensville A&P Show and despite weather forecasts to the contrary the day was a dazzler, with the rain holding off until the gates were about to close. From the moment you walked in the gate it was evident that people were in the mood to have a good time and that the organisers and volunteer workers had spared no effort to make it happen.
It was great to see so many local people sharing their talents through the competitions, with the high standard of the arts, crafts and animal presentations as good as any we’ve seen at the event. It’s a celebration of the home-grown and the hand-made that reminds us of the value of doing things ourselves, with kids and adults of all ages joining in the spirit of the day.
The wealth of demonstrations, live entertainment and trade displays ensured there was always plenty to see and do and there were plenty of chill out spaces for when you wanted to relax, try some of the food and listen to the music.
Many thanks to the sponsors and to Show Manager David van Dam and his team for putting so much time, effort and thought into this iconic Helensville event.

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