Helensville Canine Hero – Ragnar

By Angela McKenzie
Ragnar is a certified therapy dog and does a lot of community work, nut in particularly he works with BARKNZ.
BARKNZ is a non-profit organisation that goes into schools and learning facilities to educate children on safety around dogs. We look at warning signs – what to look for with dogs, how to approach a dog safely, etc, which as we know these days is an imperative part of a child’s education.
Ragnar is an amazing dog who has attended many public events and fundraisers, including winning fundraising competitions and donated his winnings to help out other rescue groups.
He is a true ambassador for not only his breed but for large breed dogs in general. Not only to us is he a service dog of the year, but also a lifesaver of the year because he has no doubt helped save many kids from being bitten. He is our Pet of the Year and we believe Ragnar is a worthy Canine Hero.
Article from New Zealand Kennel Club Magazine June 2018

Ragnar attended Helensville Primary School Ag Day with Helensville Fire Engine and BARK NZ

Ragnar headed out to South Head Hall on Sunday 10 June to meet rural locals with New Zealand Police, South Kaipara Youth - SKY Helensville Women & Family Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau Helensville Age Concern Rodney, South Kaipara Mens Trust, Neighbourhood Support Community Patrols of New Zealand - CPNZ BARK NZ An informal event for locals to have a chat and learn more about some of the groups and services available out there. Van, my parrot brother from a feathered and other mother...came along today for his first ever public event. He did so well, not only coping but actually enjoying himself...which is what it’s all about for us support animals. #dogswithjobs #birdswithjobs. Photo Credit Stellanova

Ragnar having coffee with community at South Head

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