Helensville Floral Art Club

April Activities
April 19th was Club day for the Helensville Floral Art Club.
As Anzac Day was coming up, we had a Traditional Wreath making session to freshen up our skills, so we could present beautiful wreaths to the Community once again.
During the month, Three ladies went down to Mt Wellington, where the Floral Art New Zealand (FANZ) conference was being held at Waipuna Lodge. We were able to view some of the designs that were constructed in their workshops and demonstrations over the week. Absolutely stunning designs.
We are very pleased to have three regular new members, and they are loving the Floral workshops and competitions they have entered since they have joined us. We welcome anyone who would like to join us on the third Thursday of every month, at the Masonic Hall in Kowhai St. 10.00am.
Contact Cushla Hawkes 021 258 8979 or 09 420 8905 cushandez80@gmail.com

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