Helensville Floral Art September Activities

A Stamobile Design by Diane Bristow

Another successful meeting of our Club was held on 21st of September, pleased to say our membership has increased to 21!
15 members attended this month 11 of us putting up ”A Stamobile Design” hosted by Hilary Bott  an Marion Richards  Not an easy design but our Judge Jackie Milner thought we had  all made an excellent effort, Including our 3 new Novice Ladies.
In the afternoon Eve Issott a qualified florist gave us a demonstration on the correct way to make a Button hole an Corsage to refresh our knowledge for when we do weddings.
Our October meeting is our Annual bus trip away this year A Secret Destination! 16th November sees us back in the Masonic lodge Hall for an Impose Design. New members most welcome we meet 3rd Thursday of each month.

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