Helensville Library

Did you know it’s now even easier to join the library!
Library membership Q&A:
Q: How much does it cost to join the library?
A: NOTHING. If you live in Auckland you are entitled to FREE membership to Auckland Libraries.
Q: What do I need to bring to join the library?
A: Photo ID, eg driver’s licence, passport, 18+ card*
*if you don’t have photo ID, have a chat to us about how we can help.
Q: Can my child/ren join?
A: As long as they have a birth date (& you have ID) - yes!
Q: How long does it take?
A: About 5 minutes! You can also join online and just bring your ID along to a library to finish up the process.
Q: Do I really need to come to the library?
A: No - although we’d love to see you! But, you can join online and start using our eResources (eBooks, eMagazines, etc) straightaway!
If that’s not enough, using our computers and our printers (including sending printing from your devices or your home computer!) is so much easier when you have a library card barcode number and PIN/password!
And, that’s for you – as a person! But, if you are a teacher, or early childhood educator – or own a business in Auckland – your organisation can also have free membership. Schools and ECEs can have more than one membership – so each class could have their own library card. How great is that?!
You can find out more on the Auckland Council Libraries’ website; www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz/Pages/membership-information.aspx
~ Anne.

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