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Kia ora koutou. It has been quite a rollercoaster year.
At the beginning of the year we were determined to visit as many early childhood centres and primary schools as possible – around 20 in total. But, the best-laid plans and all that.
Thank you to all the centres and schools we did get to visit. We hope to try again next year – and reach even more. If we haven’t visited your school or centre, please get in touch.
We have been keeping records of all of our visits on our Facebook page. Each school or centre, and our in-hours Kids Time sessions – have a photo album with the books and songs shared at each session. That way, if your child comes home talking about a book, or singing a song, you may have some idea of where it came from?
Talking of songs and stories – we are hosting our annual Santa Storytime on Thursday 17 December from 3.30pm. Santa welcomes photos after the session, if you want to take them. Santa will have spent the day Santa-ring around the town, with visits to two ECEs and a sing-a-long session at Craigweil House.
For the last few months, Auckland Libraries have been automatically renewing items a few days before they are due. Please note that this works for books and audiobooks that can be renewed (if no one is waiting for them).
If you need to call the library from your landline, the number to use is now: 0800 695 427. The primary phone number for all Auckland Libraries is 09 377 0209.
If you have an email address you use frequently, please make sure it is on your library membership, so we can email you courtesy notices a few days before your items are due.
If you’re not sure and have forgotten your library PIN / password, give us a call – or check next time you’re at the library.
Remember – if you use Helensville Library, your library membership is valid throughout Auckland. So, if you’re out-and-abouting this summer, try it at one of our 55 libraries.
Our email address is: helenlib@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz, or you can message us on Facebook: facebook.com/HelensvilleLibrary.
Anne Coppell. Senior Librarian / Poukôkiri - Children & Youth
Helensville Library

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