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Toni Walmsley
President – Helensville and
District Historical Society Inc.

“Happy to turn a visitor into a volunteer” is a phrase that a colleague used the other day that struck a chord as that is exactly what happened to me.
Four years ago I visited the Helensville Museum to take my first time proper look at the history of the district. I was born in Helensville 70 years ago with local family ties to Helensville, Parakai, Waitoki, Muriwai and Waimauku. Like many other young ones of  the time, and today, I set my sights on a career far away and to make my own history. After  2 O.E’s and 27 years I returned and found reconnecting with this historic town and  the people easier than I had thought.
I was impressed with the collection of oral and family histories available. These are all personal stories of how people lived in the early years of this area’s development. I felt  connected here and decided to volunteer. I had no idea at the time that this was to become  a deep dive and when tasks needed doing I got stuck in alongside the other volunteers. A  very diverse and interesting group of people. The responsibility of preserving history is challenging yet very satisfying when the results of our team’s work are presented. The  garden team must also take credit for the colourful and thoughtful presentation of the  gardens.
While the Helensville RSA will be closed for refurbishment from mid-December the  museum has a new display of war memorabilia combining the RSA and their own records  showcasing artifacts and stories of our district’s military personnel and the local war effort.
Our final event for the year will be the Twilight Market, at the Helensville Museum on Mill Road, on Friday 9th December 2022 4pm – 8pm
After three years of closures and lockdowns it is time to reengage with the community and again share our district’s history. We are always on the lookout for volunteers. They are a scarce commodity and their value immeasurable. We value any skill and any time you  have available. Please make contact by phone (09) 420 7881 or email – info@helensvillemuseum.org.nz
The Helensville Museum will be closed from 22nd December 2022 and will re-open 9th January 2023

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