Helensville Museum opens

Ka Mua Ka Muri - Our Past is our Future
It’s been a daunting task for the Helensville Museum to take back control from the pests - a couple of months turned into two years of hard work to get everything frozen, but the freezer container has finally been removed. No more visits into the -28 degrees freezer, no more struggling to open the door that had frozen shut, no more days of lifting, loading and shifting.
There’s still plenty to do restaging rooms, unpacking, cataloguing and archiving items, but the Museum will now be partially open Monday to Wednesday, 10am to 12pm, and by appointment for groups. Entry is Koha until the museum is fully opened in the near future. Come along and find out what’s been going on behind the scenes, you may feel inspired to volunteer! All helpers are welcome.
For more info please contact the Museum (09)4207881, or helensvillemuseum@xtra.co.nz

A huge step forward with the removal of the freezer container from the Helensville Museum

Pest Busters - Toni Walmsley (Vice-President) and Leigh Bosch (President) of the Helensville Museum, delighted to see the freezer container leaving the premises.

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