Helensville Primary School

After years of planning and fundraising, senior students at Helensville Primary School have finally had their dreams realised with the opening of a new senior playground.
Phase one of the new senior playground opened officially on Wednesday, 19 February. The year 7 and 8, Rimu Team, students who previously did not have a dedicated play area can now be found swinging, climbing, hanging, laughing and leaping during their break times on the newly installed equipment.
PATHS - Parents and Teachers at Helensville School - the school’s PTA, have been fundraising for the senior playground project for the past 5 years. The objective of the playground is to provide an area where the older children can be physically challenged, socialize with their friends, use up their natural stores of energy and, ultimately, have fun.
The playground design and location were decided by a collaboration between the Rimu Team students, teachers and school principal Deborah Heasman with professional advice provided by Playground People Ltd. Playground People Ltd proved invaluable by offering ideas to compliment the children’s suggestions and also supplied evidence of the benefits each piece of equipment offered children of their age.
The final design was chosen because it was unique, it challenges the senior age group and the senior school can be proud to call their own. It also offers the wider community an opportunity to visit and enjoy this dynamic, physical, playground structure.
The playground has been a labour of love over the years for the PATHS team. In total, their efforts have raised a staggering $116,000. The team has organised many school events such as Ag Day, discos, High Tea, a Gibbs Farm visit, The Great Donate, beehive auctions, quizzes, raffles and cupcake sales, just to name a few.
The fundraising has been a success thanks to continued support from a strong school community. Assistance was also gratefully received through grants from Grassroots Trust, Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate and the Helensville Lions Club.
PATHS plan to fundraise to complete Phase Two of the playground this year. Phase two is one last piece of equipment called ‘The Supernova’. It is a circular rotating apparatus and is sure to be a favourite with the kids at Helensville Primary School. Playground People Ltd have fortunately offered to install the Supernova as soon as possible. No doubt having the final design complete will make the kids smile.

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