Helensville Primary School museum visit

In early March around 100 Helensville Primary Year 3 and Year 4 students braved the rain to walk down to Te Awaroa Helensville Museum to see the treasures on offer there for themselves.

Several teachers and parents were on hand to keep a close eye on their charges as, separated into four groups, they went from building to building, where knowledgeable museum volunteers were in hand to talk about the taonga and answer questions.

As well as listening to talks and seeing the displays in Aotearoa’s first Land Court building, the Ken Pavish Memorial Post Office and Hec’s Barn, the students, whose current Inquiry Topic was ‘Then and Now’, had the opportunity to play stick and poi games in The Schoolhouse and to look for treasure hunt answers in Hedley House.

The children were very active in enjoying the chance to see and touch the taonga and ask questions about the history of the area, and those on hand to provide answers and insights were pleased with the responses.

The museum is working with students, schools and teachers to provide visits that are engaging, interactive, challenging and of value.

Inspired by a Helensville Primary approach to the museum, this is to be the first of what it is hoped will be many school visits.

Bookings can be made by contacting Te Awaroa Helensville Museum at info@helensvillemuseum.org.nz


Vice President Leigh Bosch explains Maori stick games to Helensville Primary visitors.


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