Helensville Rugby Club Golden Jubilee

June 4th - 6th 2021

Celebrating 50 years of Red, Gold & Black

Affiliated: 1971 Colours: Scarlet jersey with 3 inch black band edged with 11/2 inch gold band.

The Helensville Rugby Club was first formed in the late eighteen hundreds. The first game played in the Hel
ensville area was between North and South Helensville, played at the old showgrounds opposite the Kaipara Dairy Company factory in 1890.
In the early 1900’s a competition was started with teams from Parakai, Waimauku, Glorit, Kaukapakapa, Riverhead and three teams from Helensville (Pirates, Power Board and Helensville). Grounds used at this time were the old showgrounds, Colgen’s paddock at Kaukapakapa, Waimauku and Glorit.
Around 1920 the Helensville team used to travel to Kaukapakapa by train. After the game dinner would be served at the local hotel and the team would catck the 7 o’cloak train back to Helensville with a stern warning from the guard that any “horse-play” and he would stop the train and put them off.
In the early nineteen seventies a group od rugby stalwarts led be Ray Lovell and including Alan Pengelly, Jock McLeod and Alan Hargreaves called a public meeting, the idea being to reform the Helensville club and generate more interest in rugby in the area. The name decided upon was Helensville District Rugby Football Club encompassing the areas of Woodhill, South Head, Parakai, Helensville and parts of Kaukapakapa. Greg Blair, a local teacher designed the monogram of the phoenix bird signifying the re-birth of the club. In 1971 with the blessing of Western United the Helensville Club became a club in its own right again.






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