Helensville women’s 7s

There had not been a Helensville women’s 7s team for nearly 20years and in that time talented local players played for other clubs. So, it was about time we had our local ladies playing for their home town, where 97% of the team were born and bred Villians.
In September last year the task began to get a team ready for the annual North Harbour Club 7s tournament played in November. The coaching staff was led by duo Andy Hill and Fousta Tuivaiti, along with trainer Billy May. Roxy Foreman was manager.
The team travelled to Warkworth on 3 November, where they played three pool games, a semi-final and the final. They went through the day unbeaten, winning the final to receive the trophy for Women’s Harbour Club Champs 2018.
Team members for the tournament were Caitlyn Cox, Tamara Keefe, Mena Sinisa, Madi Wells, Sophie Fisher, Stacey Tupe, Juliana Newman, Carissa Mansell-Sawyers, Hailey Beale, Aleiscia Phillips, Tara Mansell-Sawyers, Zoe Mandela-Sawyers, Jojo Eichler.
Since then, five team members have been selected to represent the North Harbour Women’s 7s team at the Regionals Qualifiers tournament. They are Sophie Fisher, Stacey Tupe, Madi Wells, Caitlyn Cox, Juliana Newman.
The team would like to thank all the supporters, club member Nick Mulvaney and Andy Cummings from Kumeu Meat Processors.
Helensville are hoping to enter a women’s 15s or 10s team next season. If you are interested, please contact the rugby club at 162 Awaroa Rd, Helensville. Ph 420 8116.

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