HIPPY Helping South Kaipara Parents Since 2005

The Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters is still going strong in South Kaipara, and in today’s world is more relevant than ever. In our busy, often stressful lives most parents appreciate support in order to bring out the best in their youngsters and be assured that they are setting their children up for a good start in life.
The HIPPY programme gives parents the opportunity of spending regular, quality time with their young children doing fun activities together. Not only do the children learn all of the skills that they will need to make the transition to school easier, they will also love the time spent with their HIPPY parent, and it is this relationship building that is so important for young children.
Talking with – not to young children, playing with them, reading stories, singing songs and putting actions to songs and rhymes are the sorts of interactive parent / child activities which develop a young child’s brain. Having a strong attachment to at least one adult is also necessary for brain development. Children need to feel loved, safe and secure for them to be able to learn and thrive.
The HIPPY programme helps parents to tick all these boxes! Coordinator Bernie Malizia is presently recruiting new families for the 2018 programme, so if you have a youngster between the age of 3 ½ and 4 ½ and would like to have the resources and support to be your child’s first teacher and help your child to reach its full potential, give her a text or call on 021 0220 6017 to find out more!

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