HIPPY South Kaipara 2018

Pictured left to right: Sophia Miller and Grace Bradley showing the bracelets and headbands they made at a HIPPY group meeting

Families with children between 3 ½ and 4 ½ years old are invited to contact the coordinator Bernie Malizia to find out about the popular Home Interaction Programme for parents and Youngsters (HIPPY).
The programme encourages parents to get back into the driver’s seat and realise that they are their child’s first teacher and able to prepare their children for school and life. HIPPY also encourages parents to enrol their children in an Early Learning Centre and so give their children the best of both worlds!
HIPPY runs in conjunction with the school year and new families are encouraged to enrol early in the year so that they can complete the first 30 weeks before the end of the year. The programme runs for two years / 60 weeks so that by the time children start school they have all of the skills and confidence to do well.
HIPPY also offers parents the opportunity of spending regular quality time with their HIPPY child while they do the fun activities together, building a strong parent/child relationship which studies have found is essential for youngsters to thrive.
For more information contact the coordinator Bernie Malizia on 02102206017.

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