“Hope Project”

Jacynthia Murphy

Something we all need in the midst of war and pandemic. But where can hope be found? Over Easter 1,500 leaflets were delivered in Helensville and Parakai with a message of ‘Hope For All’. These little booklets have stories of people who have found hope through the message of good news bought through Jesus Christ.
Helensville’s new Maori Anglican minister, Jacynthia Murphy, was amongst those delivering leaflets. Jacynthia lives out her kaupapa in serving the community and points to the principles of faith, whakapono, hope, tûmanako and love, aroha which are embedded in the Maori culture.
She says: “When we talk about hope tûmanako we have a holistic view of wellness, hope and faith. Hope at a grassroots level, some people don’t want to hear about God, but that doesn’t mean the God isn’t at work.
People will seek a minister to do a blessing when they need a power beyond themselves. So people are always looking for hope and some people have more faith in finding hope in the midst of turmoil than others. There is always a hope that someone will get well if they’re ill or if there is a family rift.
Hope comes in many forms, not just a booklet. We must all be involved in encouraging people to have hope.”
If you want to know more about this message of hope then please contact any of the following:
Tim, Magnify Church, 118 Commercial Rd. Jacynthia, St Matthew Church, 60 Garfield Rd, and All Saints Church, Peak Rd, Kaukapakapa. skangmeth@gmail.com or Kenny & Sarah, River Valley Baptist Church, 1 Fordyce Rd, Parakai. rivervalleybaptist@gmail.com. Solomon, Helensville Community Church, 40 Mill Rd. hcc.skpp@gmail.com. Father Carlos, St Joseph’s Catholic Church, 1 Puriri Street. office@helensvillecatholic.org.nz. Moses & Esther, Parakai Church, 165 Parkhurst Road. yskimmoses@hanmail.net (services held in Korean and English)

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