I’m looking for “Good Sorts”

If you know any “Good Sorts” let me know so I can tell them how much they are appreciated.  Send your stories to helensville@copyandprint.co.nz and we will tell the whole community next month.  Brian Hale

I want to propose Greg and Helen Smith as Good Sorts. Helen and Greg had been very actively supportive of the community who live toward the end of South Head during the recent cyclone. They negotiated with the Defence Force to open their base. They let us have a shower and do some washing for those of us who had no water. They listened to our concerns.

What was so important too was that people out here could meet, have a cup of tea and a bikki and have a chat. Both Greg and Helen got our community together and helped with many things – too many to mention.

They made sure we had what we needed in their unassuming and humble way. I would not have survived as well as I have without Greg and Helen. They are my heroes.

Greg and Helen do need to be acknowledged for their support of their community during cyclone Gabrielle.


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