Joan Bennett 100 years on 18/04/1924

Born in Birmingham, she was always thought to be a clumsy child.  However, she was registered partly blind at the age of 43 and totally blind at 50 years old.

She was a dancing teacher in England and produced yearly shows at the Aston Hippodrome followed by exams.

Joan won the Queen Community Service Award for work representing the Blind Foundation and helping people to cope the best they possibly could.

Joan worked in a solicitors office as a receptionist for many years prior to emigrating to New Zealand in 1975, where she continued to work for the Blind Foundation.

Joan lived on her own in Green Bay until she was 92 years  old, then moved in with her daughter and son in law until she was 96 years old , then moved to Craigweil House where the staff could not have looked after her any better.  They are fantastic and all helped her to reach 100 years.  (Many thanks guys)

Happy Birthday Mum. Joan, Dave, David, Robert and Joanne.

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