Justices of the Peace: HERE TO HELP, HERE TO SERVE

logo-cab-printJP logoApplying for an 18+ card? In the process of divorce? Or perhaps you need your signature verified for your application to University? In all of these cases, the person you’ll likely need to see is a Justice of the Peace.
A JP is someone who volunteers their time to provide this free and confidential service. Becoming a JP is not a prize for being a fine, upstanding citizen, but rather a way to enable that person to serve their community. They must be nominated by a Member of Parliament, then undergo a series of interviews and induction training, before finally being appointed by the Governor General.
It’s a position held for life, or until the person resigns, or the Governor General removes them from their role. Local South Head resident, Marama Stead, has been a JP for two and a half years and says, “Helping my local community in this way is thoroughly rewarding.”
JPs are listed in the Yellow Pages, or you can search the Royal Federation of NZ Justices’ Associations website, at www.justiceofthepeace.org.nz, or if you’re town call in to the local Citizens Advice Bureau in Helensville. At least three of the CAB volunteers are JPs so are regularly on duty throughout the week, another two local JPs hold clinics at the CAB on Monday and Friday mornings, and if there’s not anyone on duty, there a couple of other JPs who are often more than happy to pop down to the office.
The advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau is to call first to check if the JP is on duty and come along with all the documentation and proof of identity you will need, to ensure you don’t waste yours, or their, time by forgetting to bring something important.
The Helensville Citizens Advice Bureau is at 27 Commercial Road, ph 09-420-7162.

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