Kaipara Coast Plant Centre

As a consequence of the lockdown the two current events (Easter Flower Arranging planned for Sunday 29th March and the Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday 12th April) have been cancelled.

We will of course be placing a notice on our website plus sending out “one-on-one” communications to everyone on our email database so will likely catch a large majority of potential attendees.

However, due to the current situation we have seen an unprecedented demand for vegetable seeds and seedlings (I guess not unsurprising) and are finding that many people have absolutely no idea what, where and when to plant and how to care for various vegetables.

As a result we are planning to run a series of articles tackling these subjects. We feel it’s very useful information and has the potential to get more people out in the fresh air with the very positive outcome of growing some of their own food.

These articles will be forwarded through to the Helensville Community News as they are produced. Adrian Burden, Events Coordinator

You had been invited to an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday 12 April but now you may be allowed to go on a Teddy Bear Hunt instead!

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