Kaipara College reunion update

While our local high school was designated ‘Kaipara College’ in 1959, high school education began there in 1924 under the name Helensville District High School. So, while the name was eventually changed, the first, and most important, thing to say at this stage of Kaipara College’s 60th reunion planning, says Deputy Principal and reunion organiser Nick Roberts, is that the institution itself is actually 95 years old this year and that everyone with a historical connection to the school is urged to come to the Labour Weekend event. We know that quite a few relationships that started at the school have produced the next generation of locals, and it’d be great if they all turn up to catch up with old friends and teachers.
Acknowledging that people of all ages will be keen to take part, the organisers have planned a range of activities to suit all tastes and all generations –tours of the district, school tours, photographic displays, a golf tournament, a high tea, a black tie dinner, an informal dinner and dance and plenty of sports and cultural events. One game in the planning – and this one depends on enough people wanting to join in – requires people from three generations of a family to form teams and strut their stuff in an intergenerational quiz. Are you game?
To date over 700 people have registered, but it’s not too late to sign up on www.kaipara.school.nz/kaipara-college-alumn

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