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From the Principal’s Desk - Lockdown Learning
Interesting times for all of us living here in Auckland at the moment! Not least of which would be negotiating lockdown with a teenager. At Kaipara College we love our teenagers,

Principal Cindy Sullivan

for all their trials and tribulations they are passionate, interesting, curious, talented, funny, courageous and kind. Lockdown learning is not easy by any means and we have been very inspired by how studious and resilient our students are. Recently we have opened our doors to our senior students for targeted workshops for those who need them the most. Students are genuinely happy to see their teachers, but happier still to get on with their work in subjects that are particularly challenged by lockdown. For the next four weeks, the art, carpentry, science and maths spaces and others are buzzing with questions, activity and purpose, bringing life back to a school that has been closed for 10 weeks. All of this is happening while on-line learning continues for all our students, who remain at home.
The teachers at Kaipara College have been working tirelessly during lockdown, contacting students who are struggling individually, running on-line lessons, marking, giving feedback and creating stimulating lessons trying to keep our students engaged, as well as schooling their own children and supporting their immediate whânau and community. A sense of community has always been and remains very important to Kaipara College, but this has been heightened by lockdown. We know how important maintaining connections with our students and their whânau and each other are, and are working hard to keep on connecting. Sometimes it’s a struggle to make connections with students,as they are no longer here on site, or sitting in the classrooms with us. But we never give up and hope that students feel supported by their teachers and the College community as a whole.
This year is looking different to what we know and love about “normal”. Everyday there seems to be something new that we are being asked to consider or contend with, each of us trying to make the best of a situation none of us want to be in, individually and collectively. I do feel very much for our young people who are not able currently to enjoy the carefree life that they should be able to at the moment. Our young people are grieving, as we all are, for what life used to be like. Even simple things, like a haircut or a day or some time with friends. Our Year 13 students have been robbed in a way, of the year that should be filled with hard work but also the fun that can only be had by that year level, the closing of the doors on their school lives and the excitement of what is yet to come.
I think collectively we have strength as the Kaipara College community, however, as a school our main concern is maximising the wellbeing and educational achievement of all the young people who come to us. Our sense of purpose is clear and our priorities remain strong: to do the very best for our young people, to support them all to be the best they can be. Collectively we do this and continue to strive to do it better, in partnership with our parents, whânau and wider community.
Until next time
Cindy Sullivan, Principal, Kaipara College

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