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Principal Cindy Sullivan

One of the important things we focus on at Kaipara College is teaching our students about positive behavior that supports learning. This may sound obvious (we are a school after all) but we know that teaching positive behavior is as important as teaching curriculum. Positive Behaviour for Learning or PB4L is a long term, whole-school approach to help schools develop their own social culture that supports learning and positive behaviour. The framework is evidence based, well supported with resourcing through the Ministry of Education and provides us with a process for considering both learning and behaviour  across the whole school, and student by student.
At Kaipara College, one way we teach positive behaviour for learning is through what we call Taera o Kaipara (The Kaipara Way). This initially involved co-constructing expected positive behaviours for learning with our students, staff and school community so that everyone is clear about what is expected. It focuses on acknowledging and rewarding positive behaviours, so we see an increase in these behaviours and a subsequent gain in learning. One way students are acknowledged for positive behaviour is through being awarded “PRIDE” cards. When students collect sufficient PRIDE cards they are eligible for awards and prizes at the end of each term. This is frequently hotly contested and students work hard to receive PRIDE cards to add to their collection. Special limited edition PRIDE cards are created for annual celebrations such as Easter and Halloween, much to the delight of our students.
This also has positive spin-offs for increasing positive social behaviour and the  development of the skills and values required throughout life, such as collaboration,  learning to get on with others who are different to ourselves, welcoming and appreciating
different perspectives, working in partnership with others, respect for self and others, innovation and creative thinking and pursuing excellence. These ideas are reflected through our Kaipara College PRIDE values: Partnership, Respect, Innovation, Diversity and Excellence which form an integral part of Taera o Kaipara.
When we think about what makes a good school, we often focus on NCEA results, sporting and cultural opportunities and achievements. These things matter immensely of course, but we also need to think about what we want our students to become.
Through Taera o Kaipara we encourage our students to learn to take responsibility for themselves in both how they behave and how they interact with others, to set and achieve positive goals, to make thoughtful and responsible decisions, to pursue a purposeful  direction in life, to develop and maintain positive relationships, to show respect and  kindness towards others, to be honest and work hard, to be a participator and contributor and to know how to overcome disappointments and challenges. These are enduring qualities that make for strength of character. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus reminds  us, “character is destiny” and it is the one test that cannot be crammed for.

Taera o Kaipara limited edition Easter themed cards

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