Kaipara korero

by Steve McCracken

Steve McCracken

In the depths of winter there is a shining light within our community, and I am so proud to say that it is our school, Kaipara College. Whilst we never rest on our laurels, the levels of achievement of our young people are surpassing expectations. This, we put down to both our students’ and staff’s resilience through the global pandemic, and their ability to be flexible, adapt and create in an unusual situation. The challenge for us is to maintain this current trend beyond the darkness of winter and shine the light at the end of this year.

To continue to support the success of our students, both now and in the future, our school is continuing to enhance how we teach and how our students learn. We have high aspirations of becoming the true centre of our community where our students and the wider community can experience learning, within their interests and passions, first-hand. We want to develop our school to engage with local community members to offer learning experiences to all. We want to work with you, our community, to improve the long-term outcomes for the young people of South Kaipara. We know that everyone needs that one big chance. Now is our chance to work with you all, to give our young people that chance.

Alongside our community working with us, whanau are integral to the success of young people. As educators we know any support a young person receives is beneficial. We also know that, during teenage years, it can be hard to engage with them, in any form. Be reassured that they get through this. The challenge for all of us, is to work together, embracing, looking after, and most of all, loving our young people during this time. It can be challenging but know there is an end. They do get through this. Just be there for them. Applaud their successes. Talk to them, and love them, for all their faults.
Success can be, and is, measured in many different ways. For schools, success is often measured by pure academic results of their students. There is no doubt though, this is a team effort. To support our community, critical members of the team, we are hosting Nathan Wallis, neuroscience educator and all-round good guy early in September to talk with our staff and the community. This will be a fantastic opportunity to listen to an internationally recognised leader of brain development and hear how the science can help everyone’s support of teenagers. Tickets for the Nathan Wallis presentation on Thursday, 3 September are available through www.eventfinda.co.nz.
The young people of our community have huge potential. If they are not already, they will be the guiding lights that radiate from the South Kaipara in the future and go out and change the world. With the right support and engagement, now is a perfect time to work together and grow through the upcoming months of spring and into summer, when our students will be getting their best ever results.

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