Kaipara korero | From the Principal’s desk:

Principal Cindy Sullivan

Now well into Term 1, although life is far from our old
normal, we continue to focus on quality teaching and learning for our students, to help keep them grounded and support them to develop a sense of belonging and achieve their full potential. This is no easy feat, as our families and community will be well aware. With COVID sweeping through our community and the subsequent impact on staffing, we have had to roster home our students on different days, so that we are able to run the school safely. This has put additional pressure on our families, as learning from home is not easy for some of our students. The students themselves report mixed feelings on learning from home, some students love learning from home and thrive in this way, while others struggle to learn without the close proximity of their teachers. Also COVID has impacted on our student population with the necessary isolation for illness and household contacts.
Despite these challenges and those of the previous two years I am heartened by the spirit of Kaipara College and the people within, both students and staff. Our students continue to be focused, resilient, capable, committed, kind and positive. Despite the difficulties all around them, our students continue to look beyond themselves to support others. This week our student leaders have organized a Crazy Sock Day advocating for the rights, inclusion, and well-being of people with Down Syndrome. At the initiative of another senior student we are also raising awareness of the plight of women with the debilitating impact of endometriosis for Endometriosis Awareness Month
We have high achievers and persistently hard workers inside and outside the classroom, with some exceptional athletics outcomes for our students. Academically our students are determined and committed to doing their very best and achieve a high level of success. Around 40% of our current Y12 and Y13 students achieved their NCEA qualification for 2021 with either a Merit or Excellence endorsement. This is a fabulous result especially given the trying circumstances of our extended lockdown. Congratulations to all these fantastic young people. We are very proud of your efforts and your results. This result is also a testament to the commitment, expertise and tireless support from our staff. Congratulations also to all our hardworking students who do not receive these accolades but quietly go about achieving their own personal level of improvement and success.
This year we remain positive in a difficult climate and focus on our core business of teaching and learning and having some fun along the way, staying safe, helping each other and supporting our students to be the best they can be.
Until next time….
Cindy Sullivan

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