Kaukapakapa Library

Kaukapakapa Historic Library will be presenting a video feast of historic and contemporary photographs on Sunday June 18 to coincide with the Auckland Festival of Photography, which runs June 1 – 24.
Photographs assembled and taken by photographer Colin Lunt will include those featured during the 150th Anniversary of European Settlers arriving in Kaukapakapa and the subsequent weekend of festivities, as well as a collection of contemporary photographs of Kaukapakapa, its people and places.
In preparing for the 150th Anniversary celebrations a goldmine of material came to light which included some truly historic photographs from a collection assembled by the late Alan Jordan, whose Eden Vale farm was where Wyn Close is now.
During the run-up to the celebrations and throughout the weekend, photographer Colin Lunt, who coincidentally lived in Wyn Close, photographed the festivities as a permanent record. These photos, along with a selection of Alan Jordan’s work, were included in a video about the history of Kaukapakapa.
Since 2010, some 500 more photographs from the Alan Jordan Collection have come to light and are now kept in Kaukapakapa’s historic library.
The Alan Jordan collection of photographs, along with those from the 150th celebrations and contemporary images, will be screened in the library at set times throughout the morning of Sunday June 18. Many of these photographs have never been seen in public before.
DVDs of the collections will be available for sale.
For more information please contact
Megan Paterson, 021 959017, threehorses@xtra.co.nz
or Colin Lunt, 0273 704188, colinlunt@xtra.co.nz
See details at www.clc-photgraphic.com

Historic Photograph from the Alan Jordan Collection

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