Kaukapakapa Library

Sunday August 19th 10am to 1pm

Our guest writer on 19 August, June Allen, has lately come out of retirement; her days are taken up writing and publishing children’s books.
At one time June broke all shackles and went to live on Norfolk Island where she took the opportunity to perform on stage once again. As a result she was asked to research and write an historical script, which became the well-known tourist attraction ‘The Sound and Light Show of Norfolk Island’.
That was the beginning of many play scripts, many of which have won writing awards in New Zealand.
June took up the challenge to write a children’s story just six years ago. Her first story, ‘The Little Glow worm who Couldn’t Turn on his Light’, has sold over 1400 copies.
The author achieved that without any funding, and very little support from mainstream bookshop chains. Specialist bookshops treat her better, and libraries and schools snap up her publications.
June has been a teacher, specialising in the teaching of reading, and a qualified school librarian. You’ll have a chance to buy her very newest book on Sunday 19 August at Kaukapakapa. All we can tell you now is that Grandma’s in the strawberry patch. You’ll have to wait to see why, and what happens. Note: The accompanying illustration is copyright to Polly Whimp Pawprints New Zealand.
It wasn’t always easy for June. Reflections of when she was homeless in Auckland and her children in care were published last year as ‘I’ll Have you Home by Christmas’. But she’s going to bring her sunny side to you in August. June Allen is a Life Member of Playwrights Association of New Zealand. Her children’s books are printed in New Zealand, and published by her boutique company, Kwizzel Publishing. You’ll find it on Google and Facebook.
kwizzelnewzealand@gmail.com   Facebook page: KwizzelPublishing

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