Kaukapakapa Library – The Stevens’ Photo Collection Sunday 15th August, 9am To 1pm

Since the historic Kaukapakapa library reopened the doors seven years ago, there has been a variety of events from authors through to photography, often with an underlying theme of the history of the area. The library began in 1865 when pioneer Morris Henley opened his home and his literary collection to other residents for their enjoyment. The present building came into being in 1911 and has moved around the village four times before

George Dye on Starlight

coming to rest beside the Village Hall. Opening in 2014 in conjunction with the Kaukapakapa Village Market, the library has been the grateful recipient of much local history and also become a place for some of the newer residents to find out more about the past of the district.
Recently received has been a collection of old Kaukapakapa photos courtesy of the late Ina Stevens of Waitoki. While many of these are already incorporated in the Jordan Collection, there are also many I haven’t seen before. As always seems to be the way, a number of photos have no details with regard to names or place. Come along to the library and see if you can help us solve some of these mysteries. For more info contact Megan Paterson 021 959017 or threehorses@xtra.co.no

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