Kaukapakapa library

Kaukapakapa Library
Hard Graft
The Story of the Dairy Flat Community
Within easy reach of the heart of Auckland city, residents of Dairy Flat enjoy the dual benefits of country living and a handy location. Beautiful homes, lifestyle blocks and a growing number of businesses all thrive in this semi-rural retreat. Yet back in the mid-19th century a trip to Auckland could take several days, with only itinerant gumdiggers, foresters and intrepid travellers navigating this lonely expanse between the busy coastal outposts of the Wade and Lucas Creek.

Hard Graft - the story of the Dairy Flat community - is the culmination of eight years of research by author Lynnette Third and published by the Dairy Flat Community Trust. Richly illustrated with historic photos, the book covers everything from early families - Nevilles, Bawdens, Earwakers, Bayes - through to the changes that each decade has brought. An engaging read, full of personalities and beautifully presented.
Come along, meet Lynnette and find out more. Open in conjunction with the Kaukapakapa Village Market. For more information contact Megan - threehorses@xtra.co.nz, 021 959017, Kaukapakapa library Facebook page
Just realised I sent the below through without a date on it. Should say,
Sunday 18th April, 9.00am to 1pm

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