Kaukapakapa Playcentre Givealittle flood fundraising update

After the flood, our carpet mats were dried out again and usable, but a little worse for wear (and not smelling the freshest), so our centre decided to use the fundraising money to purchase new ones.
We raised $595.00 through generous friends, family and members of the community back in April this year, and today we took delivery of the new mats from Darren and Hayley Buksh at Harrisons Carpets North Harbour.
Darren was such a pleasure to deal with, and made the process very easy for us. Other carpet companies had advised we would only get 3 mats for our budget, but Darren had sourced and organised the 5 new mats needed (plus 3 extra ones to boot) - all overlocked and personally delivered to our centre - all within our budget.
But the good news didn’t stop there.
When we’d emailed Darren later in the day to thank him and Hayley again and let them know how great they looked, we received the reply:
 ”Also please keep the money you have raised and invest in some new toys or materials for the kids. Thanks, Darren.”
Raising money is really hard work, so this generosity means so much to us. We’d love to thank these guys as much and as publicly as possible! Definitely of the good sort 🙂

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