Key Report – December 2009

Preparing for a natural disaster

Hon John Key, MP for Helensville says Disaster Awareness Week is an opportunity to make sure you and your family are prepared for a natural disaster.

I urge people in our communities to take some simple steps to prepare themselves.

If you are prepared, you are more likely to be able to look after your family in the event of a disaster, and recover quickly.

The best international advice tells us that you should plan for the worst, as you may be on your own for three days or more.

The National-led Government is committed to ensuring that our communities prepare for disasters, our emergency services are ready to respond, and that our country can recover quickly from disasters.

Civil Defence will continue to be there for New Zealanders in an emergency, as they have been since the 1930’s.

The Minister of Civil Defence, Hon John Carter, has announced that there will be a comprehensive review of the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

“We’re committed to making sure we have the best possible civil defence and emergency management systems in place, and supporting civil defence teams in communities throughout New Zealand,” says Mr. Key. Disaster Awareness Week will run from Sunday 11 until Saturday 17 October 2009. It was organised by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

It coincides with the United Nations “International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction”, which is on the second Wednesday of October every year. For information on how to prepare, visit: or see the back of the Yellow Pages.

What have we learned since then, see Dunne Speaks

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