Know Your Onion

South Head resident Mick Smith has published ‘Know your Onion: Turning Desires into Realities’, a self-improvement/motivation book aimed at helping people realise their goals and desires. There is also a companion website at
Mick, whose many qualifications include a Master of Philosophy in rehabilitation and who has worked in that field for many years, is practised at using psychotherapeutic interventions to assist people with motivation. He is a former executive member of the New Zealand Rehabilitation Association and is a member of MINT, the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.
His clients range from A-class athletes, either looking for an extra boost to excel or alternatively are about to give up because of frustration, to people in total despair because they either have no vision for the future or the vision they have is not coming to fruition. “The approach to each is exactly the same regardless of age, status or background” says Mick. “The book will show you how to get into a pattern of sustainable rewarding change in your life, following methods used by the best health and wellness professionals.”
The website is a stand-alone resource with the same theme as the book. It outlines the courses Mick has taught for many years in the innovations in rehabilitation programme at AUT, incorporates blogs about motivation, health and wellness and rehabilitation, and offers reviews of courses and other works in a similar vein.
“There should be something for everyone from an individual needing mentoring through to courses for allied health professionals in motivational Interviewing,” says Mick.
The book is available from Helensville’s Paper Plus and other outlets and can also be purchased in electronic form.

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