Letter from the Editor

With Local Body Elections happening in October it is important for all residents of the area to have their say
There will be a number of “meet the candidate” nights happening so check out Facebook for where and when they will be.
One will be at St Chad’s Church, 7 Matua Road, Huapai, 7pm Wednesday 14 September, organised by Kumeu Community Action.
There are 11 Local Board Candidates and 5 Councillor Candidates. All 16 candidates will be invited to this meeting to introduce themselves and talk about what they will do if elected.
There will be an impartial MC to guide us through the night, and refreshments available.
They are still in the process of inviting candidates so it is possible this date may change to allow as many candidates as possible to attend.
Most of us complain about the Council and councillors, but if you don’t vote because you cannot be bothered whose fault is it if you don’t like the result.
Do your research; find out what each candidate stands for; find out what their plans are; decide if you can trust them, as many say one thing and once elected do the opposite; and lastly make sure you ‘GET OUT AND CAST YOUR VOTE’.

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