Letter to the Editor…

Congratulations to Helen Martin for a well written article on one of Helensville’s favourite sons.
However, there was one omission that needs to be remedied.
Grev Walker (JP) has certainly made a positive and enduring impact on the progress of the area during his years in Helensville.
His energy and drive in any of the endeavours he undertakes are no more made evident than that of his involvement with the Helensville Freemasons.
Grev joined the Duke of Albany Lodge No 2073 E.C. a number of years ago, being attracted to lofty ideals of community and family and the history associated with this worldwide brotherhood.
He quickly became the lodge Organist, a position he holds to this day. Grev worked his way through the Chairs and ascended to the position of Masters of The Lodge in 2008.
His proficiency and dedication were soon recognised by the District Grand Lodge of the North Island N.Z. and he was promoted to District Grand Organist.
The local members of the fraternity are all very proud of Grev, and also of the fact that their Lodge has been operating in Helensville since 1884, meeting monthly, without a break, (except for holidays) during all those 133 years and still going strong!
There are few organisations in the country, I feel, who can boast such an achievement.
Coincidentally, 2017 is the 300th anniversary of the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England and appropriate celebrations are being planned for this noteworthy event.

Yours faithfully.
C.A. Holst
Past Deputy District Grand Master

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