Life in the bubble & ice cream

Who would have thought that 2020 would bring such a turbulent and unprecedented time, not only for New Zealand, but for the world? Craigweil House and its residents however have managed to stay safe and stay happy in their bubble and there have been some interesting things happening in the home made possible by Craigweil’s amazing and dedicated Diversional Therapy team.

Some events have included residents enjoying new exercise classes and first-time face time sessions. Others have developed a growing competitive spirit, like winning 1st prize in the Teddy Bears Great Hunt colouring in competition. One stand-out activity was the mobile ice cream and Kiwi spirit cart. Residents enjoyed embracing the fine weather with great Kiwi music and yummy ice cream to mark the taste of summer from within the bubble.

Craigweil’s dedicated Diversional Therapy team created the ice cream cart and added speakers for further flavour with fresh Kiwi tunes played around the facility. Residents got to choose their ice cream flavours and some operated the cart, helping deliver ice cream all around the facility.

Over the course of the last 5 weeks, two friendly and resident turkeys decided to move in, frequently being seen on the front lawn clearly, they did not get the social distancing memo! - “hey two meters apart guys!” (or, were they girls?). They are yet to receive names.

Facetime and Skype have been the new norm in outside communication. Some residents loved the idea of using the tablets to call their family and friends, this was particularly important during Mother’s Day when simultaneously the team held a YMCA dancing competition as flowers from families and hugs were of course not possible.

Craigweil House would like to say a special thank you for the generous donations, from local growers, including a wonderful donation of avocados from Steve Krzystyniak and some very pretty carnations from Linda Anderson. These growers were restricted from trading and chose to offer these gifts to Craigweil House instead of letting them go to waste. A very bright way to begin the bubble indeed!

If you are needing care for your loved one, our fabulous team at Craigweil House are here for the community and can deliver excellent quality, heart-warming care inside and outside a bubble 24/7. We currently have limited vacancies and cater for all levels of care including Rest Home, Hospital and Memory Care. Please contact our facility and make an appointment to view our care suites.

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Facility Manager,

David Halewood.

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