Lions Club of Helensville Community Directory

The Lions Club is currently preparing the 2017 edition of the Community Directory for distribution in April.
For any potential advertisers there is still time to get your advertisement into this well used local directory. Either fill in and return the order form on page 55 of the current directory or email us at and we will send you an order form by email.
We have been advised of a number of omissions in the Yellow Pages data listing that we purchase from them for the telephone listing section. When a person changes service providers, their new service provider should enquire if the person wants their listing in the White pages. Yellow will only get the notification if the person wants their name listed in the phone book.
We are establishing an additional database ourselves that we can edit into the information we receive from Yellow. If your number is missing from the Yellow Pages listing, which can be checked by going to, please advise your service provider and also email us at and we will be able to add your listing to our directory. If you wish to add listings such as fax or mobile phone to your current listing please send that information to us and we can add them for you too.

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