Local, local, local!

We keep saying it and we keep talking about it but does it make any difference? Do we actually take notice and act on it?

Last month we re-ran a Business Association article from our December 2009 issue. The theme was the same, and it applies even more today, ‘Support your local community’ to help it survive.

In the aftermath of Covid-19 many small business will struggle to survive. Some owners will have insufficient cash reserves to get back on their feet, nor will they have the resources to borrow in the meantime. How can we ALL help? Shop Local!

That does not mean just retail businesses, shops and takeaways, it means all the local small businesses, the plumbers and electricians, the tyre shops and mechanics, the therapists and hairdressers; the bookkeepers and seamstresses, the printers and second hand stores; all those businesses that make our community. It is time to stop even thinking of buying online because its easy, or because it is just a little cheaper. That is not how New Zealand was made, and it won’t be rebuilt that way either.

So from now on every time you need to buy something, repair something, or engage a serviceman or woman THINK LOCAL, first second and third. Search for a local business person, ask friends for a referral, or search www.yourlocalbusinessbook.co.nz online’ but whatever else don’t go out of town unless it is absolutely necessary.

To help this happen we would like to run a column for you, our readers, to drop us a line and promote a local business you have used and would recommend to others. Email helensville@copyandprint.co.nz with the name of the business or person, what you bought or the work you had done, and why you would like to recommend them in about 50 words.

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