Making wise purchasing choices – Returning goods

Taking care to think about whether a purchase is really necessary, is the first step to making sure you make wise purchasing choices.
Sometimes we see something that catches our eye and it possibly has a “once only, limited supply/special” tag on it. It looks good and we think we might be making a good buy, so we part with our hard earned cash. When we get home, we think about it again and change our minds, thinking, “Why did I buy that”?
Once you pay for goods and take them out of the shop, you own them and you cannot return them and get your money back, unless it is part of a special offer or there is something wrong with them. Some retailers may agree to accept goods and provide you with a credit note but they don’t have to do this.
When goods are faulty or not fit for their purpose, or they are not what the advert said, the law protects you – Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act.
If you are not sure about any purchase and whether or not it will meet your needs, or you wish to check if it can be returned, as first!

Thanks to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs for the easy to understand information they produce – which can be easily found on the website or can be accessed through your local Citizen Advise Bureau by paying them a call or dropping in.

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