Midwinter Christmas at Craigweil House

May and Wilson singing

Virginia dancing

Midwinter Christmas arrives at The Henrikwest Care Group’s facilities - Craigweil House,
The Beachfront Home & Hospital and Catherine Lodge Retirement Home
Residents and staff had a ball at the Midwinter Christmas Festivals held at Craigweil House, The Beachfront Home & Hospital and Catherine Lodge Retirement Home. Traditionally a halfway milestone in the year, Midwinter Christmas parties are looked forward to by residents and for good reasons.

This year was all about enjoying the freedom that lockdown restricted.
“Our residents had a brilliant time dancing, laughing, and singing along with their favourite old songs”
Marie, a long-term Catherine Lodge resident and recently turned 101-years-old, was very excited to discover the infamous and long serving entertainer Joe Fingers was headlining the Midwinter parties. Joe Fingers, renowned for his great voice and engaging tunes, sang her favourite song, “You are my Sunshine.”

There were lots of impressive moves on the dance floor at Craigweil House, from the graceful stylings of Virginia, to our rock and roller, Catherine. At Catherine Lodge, Olive donned her Hawaiian dress and performed a beautiful hula.
Staff had great time too, sharing delicious desserts and savouries, getting up for a dance and even getting up to sing. May our (Regional Manager) and Wilson (Chef) each had a turn singing on the microphone at The Beachfront Home & Hospital – the more the merrier!
Many residents and staff said that they had an amazing time and that this year’s Midwinter parties were the best yet. With what is happening around the world, we all need reasons to celebrate life and just smile. The Midwinter Christmas Festivals chase away winter blues bringing warmth and festive cheer into the heart of winter.

Marie with the staff

Olive dancing



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