Missing in action?

The email below arrived in my inbox just before Christmas. So far searches in the phone book, Google and the Kaipara RSA files have turned up nothing, so I wondered if any of our readers had heard of Billy Baker, or knew how to contact him. Anyone with any information, good or bad, can email me at helensville@copyandprint.co.nz. Ed.

Billy Baker 1992

Billy Baker and me (second from left) 1992

Good Day Helensville from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.....
I hope this finds you well, whole and sound, and thriving as best one can amid this Covid Curse. Gerry White here, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Royal Canadian Navy Retired.
27 years ago, in the summer of 1992 I was deployed to the Killing Fields of Cambodia. I was Commander of the Canadian Naval Contingent in company with 30 Aussies, 30 Magnificent Kiwis and 30 from the Royal Navy.......One of the members of the NZ Contingent was Petty Officer William Baker, aka Billy Baker, aka Billy Glum, who advertised Helensville, New Zealand as his home.
My wife Jane and I are planning to travel to your wonderful country as soon as Covid is a thing of the past. It is my fervent wish to attempt to reconnect with this fine specimen of Helensville Manhood. To this end, I would appreciate any assistance you could be in, either letting Bill Baker know of my existence or enabling me to contact him. I will furnish you with all my grid coordinates as soon as you respond to this email.....
Please feel free to furnish this email to your Town Council, Church Record Keepers or any other Municipal Authorities who might be able to help. I am running on the assumption that Baker is as vibrant and annoying as ever and, by now, Mayor of Helensville. I will be more than happy to hear that he is in good health and upright
I look forward to hearing from you in due course with whatever great news you might have for me....
In a perfect world, you will be able to forward this email to Mr Baker and we’re OFF..........
Thank you and All the Very Best for a Wonderful Christmas and New Years
Most Sincerely, Gerry White

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